A Bare Mineral Makeup Review

Bare Mineral Makeup Review

Recently I bought some Bare Mineral Makeup and wanted to write a mini review, share my thoughts, and provide some helpful suggestions for first-time Bare Mineral users.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!

bare mineral foundationsleep in it

Bare Mineral Original Foundation in Fairly Light:  This foundation has a smooth, luminous but natural look to it.   In my opinion I would say it is medium coverage.  This covers redness and most blemishes although your true skin still shines through but with an even, natural coverage.   This foundation contains five pure ingredients which I found to be very attractive and is a healthier better-for-your-skin option.   It also has an SPF of 15, great to have built in sun protection.   I consider this a great foundation for combo and dry skin types, I would say go for the Matte formula if you are overly oily.  I highly suggest using a primer before this foundation to insure that it stays in place.  *It DOES NOT have to be the Bare Mineral Primers …. Although I’ve heard if you like a luminous, dewy look to your skin the Brightening Primer is a great option.

Another suggestion is if you don’t want to purchase their face brushes due to their price, I found that Real Technique brushes work just as well and are much cheaper; you can find them at your local Ulta or Ulta.com  (Go for the buffing and concealer brush in the Real Technique Brush line.)  Also remember to do the swirl, tap-away tip mentioned in the Bare Minerals instructions to make sure you don’t have too much product on your brush when applying.  Overall, I really like this foundation – the lasting power is good, feels great on the skin, it is lightweight and natural looking.  My two complaints so far would be the messy factor and having to be careful with loose powders, it is very easy to get on clothes and if you have kids or pets be mindful of them tipping over containers and whatnot.  Secondly, I think I may have gotten a  bit of acne from this because my skin is so sensitive when switching products.  

bare mineral well rested

Bare Mineral Brightening Concealer in Well Rested:  This is a great powder concealer for fair to medium skin tones and brightens up the under eye area beautifully.  It can also be used as an all-over face concealer.  I recommend this and really enjoy it.

hint blush 2hint blushhint 3

Bare Mineral Blush in the color Hint:  This blush is a gorgeous mid-tone pink blush that blends like a dream and looks like a pretty, natural flush on your cheeks.  This shade I think is very universally flattering.  This does have a slight shimmer to it but it definitely does not look glittery or over powering whatsoever.  Definitely recommend!  Also there are 19 beautifully pigmented blush shades to choose from and many of them look amazing! 

ready mineral veil

Mineral Veil Ready Compact in Light:  The mineral veil is made to blend all the other face products together and to slightly mattify the whole look overall.  I choose the color light which actually turned out not to be light enough for me unfortunately …  I should have gone with the transparent but oh well, I’ll make it work.  The READY Line is convenient to take with you on the go since it is in compact, pressed form (the Mineral Veil Original does come in loose powder form, if you prefer it).  This product is not completely necessary in my opinion, but it does help blend everything together more seamlessly and gives a more airbrushed finish to the skin.  If you like your look a little bit more natural though, mineral veil isn’t a must have.  


That is all for now ladies!  Let me know if you love Bare Minerals!


Until next time, Love from BAM BAM BEAUTY GIRL


2 thoughts on “A Bare Mineral Makeup Review

  1. Thanks for posting about mineral make up. I actually have never use mineral make up before, and I’m curious to try it.

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