Recent NYX makeup purchases/review  


Hello there gals!  I have a little review for you all.  As some of you may know NYX is one of my favorite makeup brands, especially for lip products and cheek items.  So let’s get into this!

pore filler

Pore Filler:  This primer claims to be a “Magical agent that minimizes the look of pores to create a smooth porcelain doll-like finish to your face”.  Also, it says that you can use it as a base or wear it alone.  First of all, I have very large pores on my cheeks and nose (I HATE THEM!) so I am always looking for something that will cover them.   This product does not seem to cover my huge pores on its own, but with a foundation or BB cream over the pore filler it does a good job as a base/primer.  I have found that it covers my pores best if I pat it gently into the pores on my cheeks and nose and let it sit for a minute before I place foundation over top . . . but rubbing it in makes dry, patchy skin and pores more apparent and visible.  If applied correctly this product does a pretty good job overall and I would absolutely recommend it.

liquid illuminator IMG_3149

Liquid Illuminator in Gleam:  This face illuminator can be used as a highlight or an all-over face glowy-brightener.  There are two shades: Sunbeam, a light pearly-silver pink shade for fair to medium skin tones, and Gleam, a light golden shade that is best for light-medium to darker skin tones.  You may be wondering why I, the whitest girl you will ever meet, got the darker one instead – I wanted more of a sun-kissed glow all over instead of just a highlight this time around and it works well for that if blended in with foundation.  This Illuminator is very lightweight and is wonderful for summer months, or anytime you want a healthy glow for that matter!  This is a great product.  *Although I will warn you if you want just a highlight on your cheeks and are light-skin toned, I would go for the lighter shade because Gleam will be too dark for you.

taupe blush

Powder Blush in Taupe:  This is a cool-toned powder brown blush.  With this product I had heard through other makeup artists/beauty bloggers that if you have light skin and most bronzers are too orange on your skin, you could use this as your alternate bronzer and contour.  So I gave it a try and it is my new favorite contour powder!!!  If you find yourself looking too orange with other bronzers and have light skin, give this a try!!  I would highly recommend it.  *Make sure you blend really well with this product!

creme brulee

Butter Lipgloss in Crème Brulee:  This lip gloss gets raved about in the beauty world so I had to give it a try!  This is a natural light/medium pink shade.  This shade would look good on almost anyone, especially if you like natural, glossy lips.  The texture is smooth and buttery like its name and it smells like cake batter.  Yum!  I love this gloss and want to try more of the colors.  Get it if you love lip glosses 🙂

lip plumper

Pump it Up Lip Plumper Gloss in KIM:  This is similar to Kim Kardashian’s signature peachy-nude glossy lip shade that she often pairs with her amazing sultry, smokey eye makeup.   I’m not a huge fan of her personally, but I am a HUGE fan of her makeup and hair.  She is gorgeous!  Anyways, more on the lip product . . . this is not sticky like some lip plumpers tend to be.  Instead, it has a lovely light mint scent and it actually does make your lips look and feel a little plumper.  Great gloss as well.

That’s all for now folks!  Hope you find this helpful and I’ll see you next time!  Let me know what your favorite NYX products are in the comments below, Thanks!


Bam Bam Beauty Girl


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