How to get Silky, Shiny and Smooth Hair

                                                               How to get Silky, Shiny, and Smooth Hair

Follow these 5 simple steps

1) First of all a haircut is very important to achieving a shiny, silky appearance. You will want to have your split ends and breakage cut off even if that means two, three inches. (Maybe even more for long haired gals who have waited way too long) You will want an even length to begin with, that is healthy and tangle free.

2) After you have gotten a haircut and you have taken a shower you will want to apply a root lifter or thickening spray and then blow dry your hair almost all the way dry and then let it air dry the rest on its own or all the way if you want to… ( I am lazy and it takes forever with my thick hair so i just do it half way)

3) Then after your hair is completely dry, take a flat iron and use a heat protectant product and straighten all of your hair.

4)  Use a shine spray or serum my favorite is from Bed Head.  Love this stuff!!  This is what makes my hair super shiny and it’s the BOMB!! *(Products will be listed in order below)

5) Lastly, I hair spray my bangs and the top of my head to reduce those pesky fly-away hairs and it also gives an extra shine boost to your locks.

Then BAM! You are done and the end result is silky, shiny, smooth hair.

                                                                                              My product list used in order:

                                                                      Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

                                                                                                        CHI Flat Iron

                                                                         John Frieda Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray

                                                               Bed Head Headrush Shine Adrenaline Mist and superfine Mist

                                                                         Any Hair Spray on hand…. I switch it up all the time.

Pic Results

IMG_7358 IMG_7359 IMG_7352


Easy to cut Straight-across Stylish Bangs

New Bangs – Easy to cut and do yourself

I recently cut my own bangs and gave myself a mini trim on the ends while I was at it (See pics of results below).  I also wanted to tell you it’s easy to do yourself, if you feel just a little brave.  There is no need to go into the salon if you want some straight-across blunt bangs, just follow these few steps!


All you need is a decent pair of sharp haircutting scissors and a comb.


Step 1:  Alright so first things first.  Begin by parting your hair or bangs in a soft upside down V shape or semi-circle stop where the arch of your brows are at their highest point on both sides.  Wet your comb and brush through to the end.  Make sure it is pulled tight.


Step two:  You want to grab all of that hair and twist your fingers to where they are facing you. Twist tightly.  Drag your fingers about three quarters of the way down your nose.


Then you twist once more to where your fingers are parallel to your face and lastly cut straight across.

image bangs4 2bangs 3bangs

And then BAM! There you have it: great stylish bangs. TA-DA!

How to Highlight and Contour Your Face

How to Highlight and Contour Your Face

Hello Beautiful Ladies!  It is time to get your war paint on with me today!  I’m just kidding, although it does look pretty crazy before blending it all out.  Have you ever wanted a sculpted face? I am going to be telling you how to easily highlight and contour your faces and where to place it correctly.  This make-up technique definitely takes some practice but it really does sculpt the face and you can tell it makes a huge difference when you are finished.  So let’s go for it!

First you want to purchase or get these three items out of your make-up bag:

1)      A Bronzer- Cream, Powder or both*

2)      A Highlight or concealer*

3)      A blending brush

*If you don’t have items 1 & 2 above you could also use two different shades of foundation or concealer for this.  You want one of these to be one shade lighter than your actual skin, and the other to be a couple of shades darker than your skin tone.

Okay so just a little review on what highlighting and contouring is: The purpose of a highlight is to bring out the middle of your face or to emphasize your best features, while the purpose of a contour is to make something recede, or be less apparent and/or to sculpt out your facial features.

So with that in mind let’s begin!  First of all, in my opinion no matter what your face shape is you want to brighten and highlight the middle of your face so people will focus on your eyes and mouth when you are speaking.  Start with highlighting in between your eyebrows, a line down the middle of your nose, underneath the eyes and underneath the mouth.

Okay then comes the personalized contour part.  Do you have a large forehead? If so, place contour on your brush and gently make sweeping and swirling motions around and up your forehead.  Do you want to make your nose look slimmer? For this part use your two pointer fingers or a small fluffy brush and go down both sides of your nose and underneath your nose with contour.  Does your chin stick out? Contour the bottom of your chin and along your jawline.  Lastly, most people want their cheekbones to be sculpted giving a youthful and attractive appearance to the face.  For this technique you want to suck in your cheeks and place your thumb at the top of your ear and follow your pointer finger down. This is where you want to place your contour – inside the hollow of your cheek starting by the top of your ear but NOT going all the way down towards your mouth.

(Pictures shown below before blending)

IMG_4337 IMG_4338

Alright, so with everything placed where it needs to be, you want to take your stippling brush or your favorite blending make-up brush and blend it all in with gentle circular motions.  You do not want to have any harsh lines but you want to be careful to keep the contour close to where the contour should be.  It will turn muddy quickly if you blend the contour into the highlight too much.  Also if you over-blend and don’t have much contour left use a powder contour to go over the places you wanted to be darker.  Practice makes perfect with this technique.  So practice, practice, practice!


(Picture shown Above) Here I am almost done blending . . . forehead needs a little bit more help.  Blending up into the hairline is what is needed.


Completed look BAM! (Changed shirt and better lighting)

PRODUCTS USED FOR HIGHLIGHT/CONTOUR:  A Coastal Scents Concealer Palette for both highlight and contour.  Wet n’ Wild Sunny Powder Bronzer over top of cream contour.  Hard Candy Powder Highlight in Tiki over light concealer on cheek bones, tip of nose and cupid’s bow.   A Real Techniques Stippling brush for blending and/or a Beauty Blender Sponge. 

Until next time, Love from BAM BAM Beauty Girl



Eye Shadow Colors: How to make your Eye Color Pop!

Here is a list of eye shadow colors that will make your eye color stand out.  Keep in mind when you look at your eye color you want to go for the opposite or contrasting color to really make it pop!  So lets say your eyes are blue you want to get your color wheel out and see that orange is across from blue.  Most people do not want to be crazy and where bright orange right?  A warm copper or gold shade would be a good compromise and not so in your face.  Anyway, I hope you find this helpful. Good luck and have fun experimenting!

Blue Eyed Gals:   All Gold’s, coppers, bronze shades, warm and cool browns , purples, greys and blacks will look amazing on you.

Green Eyed Gals:  Purples, reds, reddish browns, warm and cool browns, bronze, greys, maroon hues and yes even some shades of green will look lovely.

Hazel Eyed Gals:  It depends on if you have a greyish blue-brown hazel or greenish-brown hazel.  If you have more of a grey-blue hazel go with blue-eyed shades, if greenish go with green-eyed shades.  Also if you want your Brown or gold flecks in your hazel eyes to stand out . . . try a navy blue or a purple or just your favorite neutrals with bronze or gold.

Brown Eyed Gals: You can rock almost any color! Since you have a neutral eye color you can do most if not all colors.  So go forth and experiment.  Lucky girl you!

Try out different shades and formulas.  Experimenting is very important; you may find a color you didn’t think would work but then it does.

A few tips for placing eye shadows:

Use an eye shadow primer to make the colors really pop and stand out on your gorgeous eyes and last all day.  I have two suggestions for eye primers. One High-end brand is: Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The Low-end brand is E.L.F. eye primer. (its only a dollar at your local Target!)

You want to leave the inner corner of your eye open and bright in most cases, so place light colors such as white, champagne, or skin color shades there.  Also you can use matte or satin finishes on the inner eye.

Don’t go too far past your crease with bright or glittery colors.  This will make it look clownish in most cases.

Take pictures inside and outside to see if the eye shadow is too overwhelming.  Ask someone for their honest opinion about the color and if you blended well enough.

Lastly if in doubt, always blend, blend, and blend some more but with a light hand.

The most natural and easiest way to place eye shadows is the three way method.  First place a highlight in your inner corner.   Secondly place a light or mid-tone on the lid up to the crease but not above it.  Lastly, place your darkest shade in the crease or outer corner of your eye. (Blend in-between each step) and BAM you are finished!

Current FALL makeup and hair looks

This is my current fall look

Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 110 Ivory

Coastal Scents Neutral Warm Eye Palette (silver light taupe on lid, mid-warm matte brown in crease, gold undereye)

Liquid black eye liner

White kohl eyeliner in inner bottom rim

Coastal Scents blush in the 26 Color Shadow Blush Combo Palette

NYC Sunny Bronzer

Covergirl lipliner in passion

Stila lip glaze in black cherry

Teloscopic Carbon Black Mascara

IMG_1670IMG_1693 IMG_1695

If I don’t feel like having a bold lip I go for a nude lip, I tried a semi-middle part in my hair too.

IMG_1762    IMG_1760IMG_1763

Also I got a long layered, face framing haircut at Gadabout Salon.  I would highly recommend them if you are in need of a haircut and have one near you.   A bit pricey but worth it.

Twelve ways to help prevent wrinkles plus acne and pimples

1)      Sleep well, stress less (easier said than done!)

2)      Wash pillowcases often (bacteria builds up quickly there)

3)      Wear sunscreen everywhere with 15 SPF or higher

4)      Wear moisturizer everyday even if you have oily skin!

5)      Don’t sleep on your stomach all night if possible and use silk or satin pillowcases

6)      Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection to protect the delicate area around your eyes

7)      Stay out of the sun at peak hours as much as possible which is 12-4 pm

8)      Try to not touch your face after you’ve used your facial products and completed your makeup routine

9)      Drink plenty of water of course

10)    Eat less sugar

11)    Use a night wrinkle repair cream and eye cream

12)    Learn what the ingredients are in your food and beauty care.  Many of them cause more problems and are harmful to you, your skin, and your body

These are some tips and ways to stay healthy and look younger longer.   I have to admit that I am guilty of many of these habits, but it is never too late and you are never too old to try your best with this list.   Remember beauty and health start on the inside and it should shine through to the outside.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skin Care Review

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Review! Love this stuff! 

One of my friends sells Arbonne and was kind enough to send me samples for me to review, so here are my thoughts!  These products are vegan, pH balanced and botanically based.  Plus they are free of all hormone altering chemicals, mineral oil, chemical fragrances and preservatives!  Who doesn’t love that? Also it is the number one skin care line in the world so that is saying a lot!

First Impressions:

I have to start off by saying that I’ve tried a few Arbonne product samples before but it was quite some time ago.   My first impression was a good one although the eye cream irritated my skin, but I was recently told it was reformulated so hooray for that!

Alright so first thing I noticed was the scent – I absolutely love the scent of these products!  They smell like orange zest and aloe with a hint of pumpkin or something amazing like that.  From day one I felt like my skin was firmer and smoother than usual.  I’m not kidding.  As recommended by Arbonne, each day I used their Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Regenerating Toner, Intensive Renewal Serum and Restorative Day Cream (In that order).  In my personal opinion, that’s a lot of products to use every morning since I usually use only two products – a cleanser and a moisturizer.   I believe unless you have oily skin a toner isn’t always necessary.   The toner was the one product I probably wouldn’t use, it made my skin feel and look even more dry than usual and I didn’t particularly like it.  A side note about the Toner though* It said in the description of the toner that it was available in a mist form which may make it more refreshing and not as concentrated in one area.  Even though I didn’t care for the toner, the Intensive Renewal Serum came to the rescue and made my skin less red and irritated, plus it moisturized it without feeling at all sticky.  It is by far my favorite product out of all of the day products.  It says it is “A vitamin cocktail for your skin” and it sure made my skin look and feel amazing. 

The night products I used were the Cleanser, The Intelligence Genius Facial Pads, The Restoring Night Cream and Corrective Eye Cream.  The night cream felt velvety smooth on my skin the next morning.  The Genius facial pads were awesome!  This is a botanical retinoid product that made my skin glow more than usual and it felt noticeably cleaner, firmer and more refreshed.  The eye cream made my wrinkles appear smaller and less noticeable though it did still seem to have a slightly irritating effect in the morning, but this may have been because I sometimes rub my eyes in the morning (A bad habit of course, Don’t do it people!)  All in all, I love these products and would recommend them if you can afford them.

So here are my pros and cons of these mostly delightful products.


1)      Natural, quality ingredients  that are GOOD for the skin

2)      Scent is lovely

3)      Noticed results quickly

4)  The intensive Renewal Serum and Genius Facial Pads were pretty incredible!

Cons :

1)      The price- very expensive to me!

2)      Small bottle sizes, not enough product

3)      If you have acne or pimples you need to use an extra product for that

4)       Extensive list of products to use each morning and night – I’m a mom and am too tired to do all of it sometimes and some are not necessary for me.

SO that’s all for now folks!  I hope you find this helpful if you are considering trying Arbonne.  If you would like to give any of these products a try I’m sure my friend would love to provide more information on these wonderful Arbonne products and others, so just let me know and I will give you her contact info.  Also remember things that may not work for me, may work for you beautifully and vice versa.  These are just my personal opinions. Good luck!


Love, from BAM BAM BEAUTY!


Makeup Looks for Brides

Makeup Looks for Brides: Part 3 0f 3

These are a few of the most common looks from weddings and wedding magazines.  I wanted to give brides a couple of ideas and options to think about for their big day.  Of course there are many other options and variations on these looks.   I know I’m quite fair so it might be a little scary looking on such a white and ghostly person, but I hope you get the gist of it all and find something you may want to try.

Elegant and Classic: This is a more traditional and classic look.  This look has a bit of a stronger brow, classic but minimal eye shadow, glowing cheeks, and berry lips.


Dramatic and Glamorous: The first look has a slight vintage influence with cat eyeliner and bright red lips.  The second look focuses more on giving your eyes a dramatic, bronzy and smoked out affect.  On either look, you may want to add some false eyelashes, or a thicker line of eyeliner, to give the look a bit more glamour.



smokyeye2  smokyeye2


Natural and Blushing: This look is highly requested by brides.  With this look you want to go a little lighter on your brows and use minimal eye shadow in neutral brown colors.  For the cheeks you want a natural rosy color.  For the lips you want to do a natural dusty pink or something that is close to your lip shade.

naturallook1 naturallook2

A look back down memory lane to my wedding, in case you are curious about my wedding day look. And my handsome husband. . .

wedding3  wedding2


Bridal Hair Looks For Inspiration

Hello All.  This is part 2 of 3 on the bridal series that I promised I would do and would get out to all of you beautiful future brides out there!  I was going to put makeup looks on here as well but decided to leave that for the next one.  I hope you enjoy these looks, find something that you like, or are inspired by one of them.

P.S.  I apologize for my messy background.  I know it’s a bit distracting!  I didn’t really think about it until half way through,  oh well next time I guess.  Also, the next and final bridal blog in the three part series will be up next week, just in case you missed it above!


IMG_9416   IMG_9405


IMG_9409   IMG_9420


IMG_9414  IMG_9422

Some Runner Ups:

IMG_9426  IMG_8656  IMG_8647 IMG_8650  IMG_8654IMG_9415 IMG_9418  IMG_9413 IMG_9417                                        

 Let me know what you think about these looks.  Please leave comments and thank you for checking out my blog!  Also, If you like my blog please let me know and hit the like button on the about me page or on Facebook:)