My Hair Journey

Hi Friends!

If you are like me you like to be adventurous in makeup and hair looks.  I like to cut my own hair or get it cut often.  Trying out different looks is in my blood…. maybe just maybe it’s the hairstylist in me.  I get bored easily and need changes.  I also get inspiration through Pinterest, real life,  and what I used to see in salons while working there.  I thought it would be fun to post a blog on the different looks that I have gone through in the last two years or so.  Maybe it will give someone a push to try something outside their comfort zone just a bit, or simply something new, fresh and fun!

So first I had long and straight, face-framing layered hair with a middle-ish part.


Then I tried side bangs, side parts and curled hair.

IMG_7359 IMG_7056 March2013_Kat_iPhone 1000 IMG_6928

Then I tried straight-across blunt bangs, it’s fun to be a bit mysterious and try new things. I have a previous blog post where I show how to cut your very own blunt bangs as shown in the following pics.

IMG_4228 IMG_4234 IMG_4273

Then I got it cut to a mid-length introverted bob- (Shorter in the back and longer in the front)

Straight and curled same length pictured here.


Then I got it cut even shorter to shoulder-length.

20141028_151216 20141208_110340 20141208_110217

Then I finally decided to grow my hair out again a bit and currently I have Mid-length hair again with full side bangs.

I’ll post a pic soon. If you know me you have seen them posted on Instagram/Facebook. 🙂

My Beauty-only Instagram is Bambeautygal, if you would like to check it out sometime.

So that’s it, if you try something new let me know what you try or friend me on instagram so I can see what it looks like!  I love to see new looks on people, before and afters are so inspiring.

Until next time,



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