Primers 101

What are Face Primers?  Face Primers create a smoother and longer lasting base for your foundation.   Primer is something for your foundation to stick and cling to so it won’t slide right off of your face especially in humid and very hot climates or during the summer months.   All skin types can benefit from a face primer as well.   There are many different kinds of primers on the beauty counter shelves though and it is difficult to decide which one to get.   I would recommend getting a primer that fits your needs best based on what is stated on the packaging.   For example, do you have red, blotchy skin?  Cover it with a green Face Primer. *NYX, ELF, and Smashbox have one.   Do your have large pores?  Get a face primer that smoothes pores and makes them appear smaller and less visible.   Do you need a Long-wear Primer for a wedding or an all-day event?  Use one that specifically says Longwear and Shine-Free.   Do you prefer a Matte or Illuminating Primer?  There are primers for that as well.   Many Primers claim to do it all but in my experience I have found that even the multipurpose products do only one or two things well. 

P.S.  Also keep in mind primers pair better with certain foundations and sometimes dissolve and break down with others … So if you get a primer try it with different formulas and types of foundation before you give up on it OR return it and try another.   *Also Sephora can give you free baby-size samples before you buy. 

My Primer Recommendations:

 Rimmel Fix & Perfect:  What it does best?  This prolongs your foundation and evens out skin overall.  This Primer makes foundation stay on best and longest out of all the primers I have tried so far.  This works well with most foundations and formulas that I’ve tried as well.  What I don’t love?   It claims to minimize pores it does an okay job, but not nearly as good as Benefit POREfessional.

ELF Mineral Infused Primer:   What it does best?  Smoothes dry and patchy skin and gives foundation something to cling to.  It has good lasting power if you use sparingly.  What I don’t love about it?  This has a gel/watery consistency and makes it slippery if you apply too much so use only a small amount in problem areas or else it can do the opposite of what you want.

Benefit POREfessional Primer:   What it does best?  Its name says it all really.  It is a POREfessional … it minimizes the appearance of pores and smoothes skin overall.   I really liked this sample and thought it did an awesome job.   I would like to purchase it sometime but I did not want to shell out 31 dollars for a small bottle of primer right off the bat if it didn’t work great.  Downside:  The price and I would also say it did not have super long-lasting power for me personally … but maybe I didn’t use it long enough or with the right foundation overtop.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser:  What it did best:   NOTHING, in my opinion.   I was hoping it would be like the POREfessional.   It achieved the exact opposite, this primer did NOT make pores look smaller, I actually feel like it made them appear larger and it was super greasy and all of my foundations slide right off my skin.   I know some people love this but I did not.   Maybe it’s my skin type or I didn’t use it with the right foundation formula?  In my personal opinion though it royally sucked, huge FAIL. 

Lastly, I love BB creams used as a primer just as much as actual primers.  I have Two Favorites.

Loreal Magic BB cream is great used alone or with a foundation over top.   It works well for all skin types but especially oily skin.  It primes and corrects your skin tone and lasts well underneath a foundation.

Maybelline DreamFresh BB cream: This product has 30 SPF in it which is great for summer; It also perfects skin and makes foundation stay on longer. 

So that’s it.  Hopefully this helped for those of you wanting to try a primer in these hot summer months. Until next time,

Love from BAM BAM Beauty


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