My MAC Make-up Must-Haves


MAC Stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics.  The product line was started in Canada by a make-up artist and photographer, Frank Toskan along with his friend a salon owner, Frank Angelo.  This brand is known for its wide range of colors, its unique packaging, and its products that promote self-expression and individual beauty for every person.

It makes sense why so many people have come to enjoy and love these products.  They have great coverage, they blend smoothly and there is a shade for dare I say? Every skin tone!  The eye shadows and lipsticks have great pigmentation and last longer than most products.  Yes, they are pricey but they last a long time so I think some of the products are well worth it, if used often.

That being said, going into a MAC makeup store can be overwhelming and it is hard to decide what is worth getting.  These are my personal favorites so they might not work for everyone, but at least you can take a look at them to decide if they might work for you.  I hope to give you a place to starting point if you have not used MAC before.

So let’s get into it shall we?

prolongwear concealer

Prolong Wear Concealer.  I place it on my eyelid, under-eye area and places I want to highlight.  Since it has the prolong wear technology in it it works as an eye shadow primer as well.  The coverage is great and it stays on much longer than other brands I’ve tried.  *Tip: This product dries quickly and sets fast.  So only put down product in one area and then blend, then go to the next.  When I first got it I put it everywhere I wanted to highlight and it dried and smeared before I could blend it in well.  I looked like crap, but when you learn to work with it you will absolutely LOVE IT!

paint pot

Prolong Wear Paint Pots:  I have Painterly.  This is a boring color but a goody.  I use this often for an eye shadow base and it makes my eye shadows look way more vibrant and it does not crease.  Oily eyelid people – this may be the thing for you.

MAC Melba blush 1

Blush Melba and Warm Soul are my two faves.  These shades look great on everyone I’ve seen try them.  I am not kidding.  Melba is a Matte peachy delicate pink.  Warm Soul is a slightly shimmery gorgeous warm pinkish-mauvy color.


Lipsticks:  These are awesome!  There are so many colors to choose from, it is like being in a candy shop not knowing what to get because everything looks so delicious.  The selection is fantastic and their seriously is a color for everyone.  My faves:  Myth, a nude light peach color; Syrup a natural berry pink; and Ruby Woo or Russian Red are fantastic reds.


Lipliners:  I love Spice and Stripdown so much,  I use them almost every single time I put on lipstick.


Eye-shadows:  Where to start when you see these?  Well, Shroom is a great highlight.  Kid, Soft Brown or Saddle are good crease colors.  All That Glitters is a pretty lid color.  Shroom, All That Glitters, and Soft Brown I use most often for an everyday neutral look, but so many of them are gorgeous.  Obviously you don’t need a ton of these but here are some other great ones to check out:  Satin Taupe, Amber Lights, Sketch, Swiss Chocolate, Naked Lunch, Cranberry, Tempting, and Brown Script are some really pretty shades… that I’ve tried but I don’t own all of them.  I’m sure there are many more that are amazing too!


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural:  A great touch-up/setting powder.  This product is so smooth and velvety on your skin.  I guess it may not be a must-have since I’ve been using a drugstore powder for quite some time, but if you can spend the money it is a great option indeed – that I really, really like . . . really.  

So that is my list so far!  I did not list a foundation from MAC because I have not found one from there that I like yet.  I have only tried two and they just didn’t do it for me.  Let me know what you like best.  What is your must-have foundation or other MAC product that you cant live without having in your make-up bag!

Also Things I want to try From MAC someday:  Soft and Gentle Highlight Mineralize powder, Strobe Cream, Prep and Prime Highlighting pens, Natural Radiance Primer and last but not least duh?  Different shades of lipstick and lip-glosses of course…. I’m obsessed.  Anyway, I have heard great things about these products in particular.  If you have tried them I want to know what you think about them and if you think they are worth it???  Thanks!

Until next time,

Love from BAM BAM Beauty Girl


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