Easy to cut Straight-across Stylish Bangs

New Bangs – Easy to cut and do yourself

I recently cut my own bangs and gave myself a mini trim on the ends while I was at it (See pics of results below).  I also wanted to tell you it’s easy to do yourself, if you feel just a little brave.  There is no need to go into the salon if you want some straight-across blunt bangs, just follow these few steps!


All you need is a decent pair of sharp haircutting scissors and a comb.


Step 1:  Alright so first things first.  Begin by parting your hair or bangs in a soft upside down V shape or semi-circle stop where the arch of your brows are at their highest point on both sides.  Wet your comb and brush through to the end.  Make sure it is pulled tight.


Step two:  You want to grab all of that hair and twist your fingers to where they are facing you. Twist tightly.  Drag your fingers about three quarters of the way down your nose.


Then you twist once more to where your fingers are parallel to your face and lastly cut straight across.

image bangs4 2bangs 3bangs

And then BAM! There you have it: great stylish bangs. TA-DA!


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