How to Highlight and Contour Your Face

How to Highlight and Contour Your Face

Hello Beautiful Ladies!  It is time to get your war paint on with me today!  I’m just kidding, although it does look pretty crazy before blending it all out.  Have you ever wanted a sculpted face? I am going to be telling you how to easily highlight and contour your faces and where to place it correctly.  This make-up technique definitely takes some practice but it really does sculpt the face and you can tell it makes a huge difference when you are finished.  So let’s go for it!

First you want to purchase or get these three items out of your make-up bag:

1)      A Bronzer- Cream, Powder or both*

2)      A Highlight or concealer*

3)      A blending brush

*If you don’t have items 1 & 2 above you could also use two different shades of foundation or concealer for this.  You want one of these to be one shade lighter than your actual skin, and the other to be a couple of shades darker than your skin tone.

Okay so just a little review on what highlighting and contouring is: The purpose of a highlight is to bring out the middle of your face or to emphasize your best features, while the purpose of a contour is to make something recede, or be less apparent and/or to sculpt out your facial features.

So with that in mind let’s begin!  First of all, in my opinion no matter what your face shape is you want to brighten and highlight the middle of your face so people will focus on your eyes and mouth when you are speaking.  Start with highlighting in between your eyebrows, a line down the middle of your nose, underneath the eyes and underneath the mouth.

Okay then comes the personalized contour part.  Do you have a large forehead? If so, place contour on your brush and gently make sweeping and swirling motions around and up your forehead.  Do you want to make your nose look slimmer? For this part use your two pointer fingers or a small fluffy brush and go down both sides of your nose and underneath your nose with contour.  Does your chin stick out? Contour the bottom of your chin and along your jawline.  Lastly, most people want their cheekbones to be sculpted giving a youthful and attractive appearance to the face.  For this technique you want to suck in your cheeks and place your thumb at the top of your ear and follow your pointer finger down. This is where you want to place your contour – inside the hollow of your cheek starting by the top of your ear but NOT going all the way down towards your mouth.

(Pictures shown below before blending)

IMG_4337 IMG_4338

Alright, so with everything placed where it needs to be, you want to take your stippling brush or your favorite blending make-up brush and blend it all in with gentle circular motions.  You do not want to have any harsh lines but you want to be careful to keep the contour close to where the contour should be.  It will turn muddy quickly if you blend the contour into the highlight too much.  Also if you over-blend and don’t have much contour left use a powder contour to go over the places you wanted to be darker.  Practice makes perfect with this technique.  So practice, practice, practice!


(Picture shown Above) Here I am almost done blending . . . forehead needs a little bit more help.  Blending up into the hairline is what is needed.


Completed look BAM! (Changed shirt and better lighting)

PRODUCTS USED FOR HIGHLIGHT/CONTOUR:  A Coastal Scents Concealer Palette for both highlight and contour.  Wet n’ Wild Sunny Powder Bronzer over top of cream contour.  Hard Candy Powder Highlight in Tiki over light concealer on cheek bones, tip of nose and cupid’s bow.   A Real Techniques Stippling brush for blending and/or a Beauty Blender Sponge. 

Until next time, Love from BAM BAM Beauty Girl




One thought on “How to Highlight and Contour Your Face

  1. Bam! Great directions. How big should the stippling brush be? Maybe next time I come to see you, I can get a personal lesson.
    Love you!

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