Eye Shadow Colors: How to make your Eye Color Pop!

Here is a list of eye shadow colors that will make your eye color stand out.  Keep in mind when you look at your eye color you want to go for the opposite or contrasting color to really make it pop!  So lets say your eyes are blue you want to get your color wheel out and see that orange is across from blue.  Most people do not want to be crazy and where bright orange right?  A warm copper or gold shade would be a good compromise and not so in your face.  Anyway, I hope you find this helpful. Good luck and have fun experimenting!

Blue Eyed Gals:   All Gold’s, coppers, bronze shades, warm and cool browns , purples, greys and blacks will look amazing on you.

Green Eyed Gals:  Purples, reds, reddish browns, warm and cool browns, bronze, greys, maroon hues and yes even some shades of green will look lovely.

Hazel Eyed Gals:  It depends on if you have a greyish blue-brown hazel or greenish-brown hazel.  If you have more of a grey-blue hazel go with blue-eyed shades, if greenish go with green-eyed shades.  Also if you want your Brown or gold flecks in your hazel eyes to stand out . . . try a navy blue or a purple or just your favorite neutrals with bronze or gold.

Brown Eyed Gals: You can rock almost any color! Since you have a neutral eye color you can do most if not all colors.  So go forth and experiment.  Lucky girl you!

Try out different shades and formulas.  Experimenting is very important; you may find a color you didn’t think would work but then it does.

A few tips for placing eye shadows:

Use an eye shadow primer to make the colors really pop and stand out on your gorgeous eyes and last all day.  I have two suggestions for eye primers. One High-end brand is: Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The Low-end brand is E.L.F. eye primer. (its only a dollar at your local Target!)

You want to leave the inner corner of your eye open and bright in most cases, so place light colors such as white, champagne, or skin color shades there.  Also you can use matte or satin finishes on the inner eye.

Don’t go too far past your crease with bright or glittery colors.  This will make it look clownish in most cases.

Take pictures inside and outside to see if the eye shadow is too overwhelming.  Ask someone for their honest opinion about the color and if you blended well enough.

Lastly if in doubt, always blend, blend, and blend some more but with a light hand.

The most natural and easiest way to place eye shadows is the three way method.  First place a highlight in your inner corner.   Secondly place a light or mid-tone on the lid up to the crease but not above it.  Lastly, place your darkest shade in the crease or outer corner of your eye. (Blend in-between each step) and BAM you are finished!


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