Twelve ways to help prevent wrinkles plus acne and pimples

1)      Sleep well, stress less (easier said than done!)

2)      Wash pillowcases often (bacteria builds up quickly there)

3)      Wear sunscreen everywhere with 15 SPF or higher

4)      Wear moisturizer everyday even if you have oily skin!

5)      Don’t sleep on your stomach all night if possible and use silk or satin pillowcases

6)      Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection to protect the delicate area around your eyes

7)      Stay out of the sun at peak hours as much as possible which is 12-4 pm

8)      Try to not touch your face after you’ve used your facial products and completed your makeup routine

9)      Drink plenty of water of course

10)    Eat less sugar

11)    Use a night wrinkle repair cream and eye cream

12)    Learn what the ingredients are in your food and beauty care.  Many of them cause more problems and are harmful to you, your skin, and your body

These are some tips and ways to stay healthy and look younger longer.   I have to admit that I am guilty of many of these habits, but it is never too late and you are never too old to try your best with this list.   Remember beauty and health start on the inside and it should shine through to the outside.


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