Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skin Care Review

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Review! Love this stuff! 

One of my friends sells Arbonne and was kind enough to send me samples for me to review, so here are my thoughts!  These products are vegan, pH balanced and botanically based.  Plus they are free of all hormone altering chemicals, mineral oil, chemical fragrances and preservatives!  Who doesn’t love that? Also it is the number one skin care line in the world so that is saying a lot!

First Impressions:

I have to start off by saying that I’ve tried a few Arbonne product samples before but it was quite some time ago.   My first impression was a good one although the eye cream irritated my skin, but I was recently told it was reformulated so hooray for that!

Alright so first thing I noticed was the scent – I absolutely love the scent of these products!  They smell like orange zest and aloe with a hint of pumpkin or something amazing like that.  From day one I felt like my skin was firmer and smoother than usual.  I’m not kidding.  As recommended by Arbonne, each day I used their Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Regenerating Toner, Intensive Renewal Serum and Restorative Day Cream (In that order).  In my personal opinion, that’s a lot of products to use every morning since I usually use only two products – a cleanser and a moisturizer.   I believe unless you have oily skin a toner isn’t always necessary.   The toner was the one product I probably wouldn’t use, it made my skin feel and look even more dry than usual and I didn’t particularly like it.  A side note about the Toner though* It said in the description of the toner that it was available in a mist form which may make it more refreshing and not as concentrated in one area.  Even though I didn’t care for the toner, the Intensive Renewal Serum came to the rescue and made my skin less red and irritated, plus it moisturized it without feeling at all sticky.  It is by far my favorite product out of all of the day products.  It says it is “A vitamin cocktail for your skin” and it sure made my skin look and feel amazing. 

The night products I used were the Cleanser, The Intelligence Genius Facial Pads, The Restoring Night Cream and Corrective Eye Cream.  The night cream felt velvety smooth on my skin the next morning.  The Genius facial pads were awesome!  This is a botanical retinoid product that made my skin glow more than usual and it felt noticeably cleaner, firmer and more refreshed.  The eye cream made my wrinkles appear smaller and less noticeable though it did still seem to have a slightly irritating effect in the morning, but this may have been because I sometimes rub my eyes in the morning (A bad habit of course, Don’t do it people!)  All in all, I love these products and would recommend them if you can afford them.

So here are my pros and cons of these mostly delightful products.


1)      Natural, quality ingredients  that are GOOD for the skin

2)      Scent is lovely

3)      Noticed results quickly

4)  The intensive Renewal Serum and Genius Facial Pads were pretty incredible!

Cons :

1)      The price- very expensive to me!

2)      Small bottle sizes, not enough product

3)      If you have acne or pimples you need to use an extra product for that

4)       Extensive list of products to use each morning and night – I’m a mom and am too tired to do all of it sometimes and some are not necessary for me.

SO that’s all for now folks!  I hope you find this helpful if you are considering trying Arbonne.  If you would like to give any of these products a try I’m sure my friend would love to provide more information on these wonderful Arbonne products and others, so just let me know and I will give you her contact info.  Also remember things that may not work for me, may work for you beautifully and vice versa.  These are just my personal opinions. Good luck!


Love, from BAM BAM BEAUTY!



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