Makeup Looks for Brides

Makeup Looks for Brides: Part 3 0f 3

These are a few of the most common looks from weddings and wedding magazines.  I wanted to give brides a couple of ideas and options to think about for their big day.  Of course there are many other options and variations on these looks.   I know I’m quite fair so it might be a little scary looking on such a white and ghostly person, but I hope you get the gist of it all and find something you may want to try.

Elegant and Classic: This is a more traditional and classic look.  This look has a bit of a stronger brow, classic but minimal eye shadow, glowing cheeks, and berry lips.


Dramatic and Glamorous: The first look has a slight vintage influence with cat eyeliner and bright red lips.  The second look focuses more on giving your eyes a dramatic, bronzy and smoked out affect.  On either look, you may want to add some false eyelashes, or a thicker line of eyeliner, to give the look a bit more glamour.



smokyeye2  smokyeye2


Natural and Blushing: This look is highly requested by brides.  With this look you want to go a little lighter on your brows and use minimal eye shadow in neutral brown colors.  For the cheeks you want a natural rosy color.  For the lips you want to do a natural dusty pink or something that is close to your lip shade.

naturallook1 naturallook2

A look back down memory lane to my wedding, in case you are curious about my wedding day look. And my handsome husband. . .

wedding3  wedding2



2 thoughts on “Makeup Looks for Brides

  1. Yes. Beautiful eyes! I’ll second that.

    So sad I wasn’t there to see you on your wedding day! I wouldn’t have missed it for anything…except having a baby. 😉

    Love you.

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