Makeup Tips for Brides

Hello future Brides, this blog post is just for you!  Getting married to my best friend was one of the best days of my life and I hope it will be for you too!   It is your special day to enjoy your spouse and celebrate your new life together with friends and family.  You don’t want to be worrying about your makeup smudging and hair coming undone so I will give you a few tips for that special day.  Every bride should feel like herself and go with her own style, but playing up your features just a tad more than usual will really make you stand out for your photos.  Your photographs will last a lifetime and bring back fond memories so you want to look your best.  Let’s get started, shall we?

1)      Wear waterproof mascara.  Even if you aren’t much of a crier this is a day I bet you will unexpectedly cry happy tears at some point.

2)      Don’t use a foundation with SPF in it (especially if your photographer will be using the flash on their cameras often).  The sunscreen in foundation can reflect back with the flash and gives your skin a shiny appearance in photos.

3)      Use powder on your face.  I know some women don’t like using powder on their faces because they think it looks cakey but just a bit of powder on the spots you tend to get oily will really help your makeup last all day.  You don’t want to look like a grease ball.

4)      Use a primer and/or finishing spray.  You want your makeup to last all day so think about using a primer before makeup or a finishing spray at the very end of your makeup application.

5)      Don’t wear extremely pale or nude lip colors.  It will make you look washed out in photographs.  Try to stick to berry, rose, plum, or pink shades, something that is close to your natural lip shade but two shades brighter or darker.

6)      Emphasize your eyes.  Brighten your under eye area if you get dark circles. Use a yellow corrector to get rid of blue and purple under eye circles and veins.  Also, define your eyes with eye shadow or eyeliner.

7)      DO YOUR BROWS.  You want to have eyebrows that frame your face and are visible in pictures.   Don’t pluck or get your brows waxed the day of your wedding though. They will be red and irritated which will be difficult to cover with makeup.

8)       Use an eyelash curler.  I know they look kind of scary if you aren’t used to them but they really open up the eye and make your lashes look longer.  If this is the only day you use one then that’s alright but it really is a great tool to use for special occasions.

9)      Use warm, non-sparkly colors.  A lot of cool toned or extra shimmery colors can make you look harsh and dated.  Use neutral, mostly matte, or satin shades and formulas . . . like golds, warm browns, taupes, bronze and champagne shades, and even some greys look nice too. 

10)   I have three mini-tips for your hair:  

Mini-1:   Have a trial run if using a hairstylist, even if they say they know how to do your style already.  Practicing your hairstyle with your stylist before your wedding will ensure there are no surprises on your big day.   

Mini-2:  Use a shine spray at the end to give your hair a glow. 

Mini-3:  If you are doing an up-do its best to have slightly dirty hair, but ask your hairstylist just in case.

Lastly, remember to enjoy the day and try not to rush everything.   Slow down as much as possible, life is beautiful and precious while we are with the ones we love.  It is a blessing to find someone to share your life with and this is just the beginning to your lovely unique story together.

P.S. – Next week I will post three hair and makeup looks to give you brides some ideas, so stay tuned for that if you are interested.


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