How to fill in eyebrows with powder and pencil:  A Photo Tutorial

Firstly, I want to just start off with saying that not everyone needs to fill in their eyebrows.  Most dark haired people have full, dark, beautiful eyebrows (and even a few light haired gals do as well).  Secondly, some people that have light eyebrows prefer them to be natural and it can look great on them.  But there are women that have sparse or very light eyebrows who need a little help, me included!  Eyebrows really do frame the face and they often can make or break a makeup look.

One last thing, as tempting as it can be, please try not to over pluck or change your eyebrow shape drastically!  It’s a hard thing not to do, but making small changes is the way to avoid major mistakes.  I definitely went through a stage where mine were way too over plucked and they are finally getting better.  I hope I can help all of you out there that want to fill in those brows . . . So let’s get into it, shall we?

You will need:

  • A clean mascara disposable wand
  • A brow powder and/ or pencil in a shade close to your hair color or one shade lighter
  • A brow angled brush if using powder, and a brush for concealer or highlight
  • A concealer or highlight (optional)
  • A brow gel (also optional)

After you have gathered your tools, grab your pencil or powder brush and trace a line underneath your eyebrow using light strokes.  Next, line the top of the brow gently.  Some pictures are shown below.

eyebrows1              eyebrows2

After the outline is complete, fill the middle part of your brow in ever so lightly using gentle upward strokes.  Be sure to connect the tail end of your brows to complete the shape.


So that your brows do not look harsh or unnatural, take your mascara wand and brush up and out to blend the product evenly in. These next two steps are optional but will give you a very precise and clean looking eyebrow if desired.

Optional Step 1:  Take your concealer or highlight shadow (a very small amount) on a brush and line right underneath the brow and blend downward.

Optional Step 2:  The last optional step is to finish with the brow gel or a little hairspray on your mascara wand.  It is best to roll the product gently onto a paper towel then stroke up and out.

Presto, you are done!  Hope you enjoyed this!  Please let me know if this was helpful in any way to you or if you have any questions.


P.S.   I have two recommendations for brow products.

  1. The first is Milani Brow Powder in light (for blonde to med toned browns and reds) or in medium (for med toned browns and reds to dark brown or even black hair).My second recommendation is the define-a-brow pencil.  There are a couple of different shades and they say which one is best for which hair color on the packaging.
    • If you have very dark brown or black hair you will still want to use a medium brown shade for your eyebrows because black is too harsh (chances are you don’t need much product anyways).
    • If you are a red head its best to use a brown shade or at least an auburn color.   If you are applying it correctly your red will still show through and a red/orange pencil will just look too crazy.
    • If you have very light blond hair and eyebrows go for a light to medium blond pencil or powder.

P.P.S      I forgot to add that in most cases its best to go a little lighter then to go darker if you are not sure.  You know your own brows best though, so go with your gut and do what you think would be most flattering on you!


 My finished eyebrow and makeup look!


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