Introduction to the Blogging world and Beauty friends

Hello All! I am a women writing about her ideas, thoughts, tips, tricks, and product reviews of all things related to beauty. Let me start off with stating that inner beauty flowers into our outer beauty. Our character, our hearts, and our minds are the origin of the external beauty that radiates to the outer world. I love makeup . . . a lot . . . and although it is easy to get caught up in the superficial side of beauty (physical beauty only lasts so long) it is important to take care of and feel good about ourselves. We should reflect on how we show beauty to others and what is most important in our daily lives (it’s not about how you look). Also, we should show beauty in many ways, not just through our physical appearance. So let’s not get too serious and all CRAZY up in here about outward appearances, even though the world screams at us that appearance is everything and pressures women to look like models and movie stars (something I struggle with sometimes). For me, doing makeup is a way for me to express my passion artistically by using color and skill to play up your natural features and enhance the beauty God gave you.

I am a licensed cosmetologist so I have some background and experience in this area, but I am always trying to learn new things. If I had to choose I would definitely say that I enjoy doing makeup more than doing hair. I’ll let you in on a little secret (or maybe it’s more of a confession) — my hair looks like a rat’s nest or is in a ponytail almost every other day. I know I should have it “done up” more since that is basically in my job description – a cosmetologist should look beautiful, right? – but the truth is that being a stay-at-home mom with two little kiddoes makes it difficult to find the time for myself. I’m sure many of you busy ladies can relate to this and one of my primary goals is to provide simple and quick tips to help women like me feel beautiful even when we don’t have much time. I know that getting beautified can also be expensive (ask my husband!!!) so my blog will focus on using budget-friendly products that I am sure all women will appreciate.

Anyway, this blog is for anyone that wants to have fun and learn some of the neat beauty tips and skills that I have learned so far and continue to discover. Read my blog if you are interested in picking up a few tricks, discovering affordable go-to products, and learning quick and easy ways to make yourself look and feel beautiful.
So let’s have fun amping up our beauty routine together! Stay tuned for more soon! Cheers!


One thought on “Introduction to the Blogging world and Beauty friends

  1. You are definitely qualified to write about this topic, Kathryn! I always am so impressed by the haircuts you give to me and to the girls (thank you).

    I look forward to following along as you share your top beauty tips.

    Here are some topics that I would be interested in:
    (1) How to Select a Foundation for Your Skin Tone
    (2) Best Red Lipsticks
    (3) Best Moisturizers for Face & Body
    (4) Best Mascaras (with before/after photos)
    (5) How to Apply Self Tanner

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